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The story of “Hashachar Ha`ole” - “Bright Morning” spread
begins at 1948 when the five Wideberg brothers founded their
factory, the "Shachar Wideberg Brothers".
In its early days the factory was a small candy work shop for tehina, halva, waffles and jams. The Wideberg brothers decided to call it
"Hashachar Ha`ole" (which means the rising dawn in Hebrew) simply
because they thought that the morning dawn is beautiful.

The factory expanded at the early 1950's when the Levkowich family
joined. New production lines were added and advanced machinery was
imported for candy manufacturing. Then the name was changed to
"Hashachar Ha`ole".

Soon they realized at "Hashachar Ha`ole" that
there are already plenty of products similar to the candy
they manufactured so far. They looked for what was missing –
a chocolate spread.
They bought the raw materials and began to compound the spread.
Each time they changed the dosing in the mixing pot. Few months later,
they created the secret formula which is sold to this day and known as
Bright Morning spread.
Over the years they decided at "Hashachar Ha`ole" to focus on
chocolate spread production. The “Hashachar Ha`ole” Bright Morning
spread became a strong Israeli brand and is also marketed in
12 countries including the United States, Canada, UK, France,
Australia and more.